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    The Waikiki Family Package
    Perfect for families small or large
    Includes a DVD with all image files
    All images posted online for friends and family
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    The Aloha Package - Simply and Beautifully
    A 1-hour session to capture your perfect day
    Includes a DVD at session's end with all images taken
    All images posted online for friends and family
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    Heliconia Hawaiian Wedding Videography
    Capture every second of your important day
    Share the joy with friends and loved ones
    Customize your video with your favorite music
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    Digital Photo Touchup
    Bring out the true beauty of your wedding photos or portraits
    Color correction, lighting adaptation, scene cleanup, and more
    Gives you a more youthful, perfected appearance without the artificial look

About Us

Family Photos

Family Beach Package - $335

Our Secluded Beach Package. The location is a 5 mile white beach outside of Waikiki.

Waikiki Family Package - $225

Our Waikiki Vacation Package. This package is suited for 1 to 6 people and runs for 30 minutes.

Wedding packages

The Aloha Package simple and beautifully - $395

Our Aloha Package Includes a Dvd at the end of the sesion with all images taken.

Nohie (basic) Oahu Wedding or Vow Renewal Package - $695

Our basic wedding photography package includes (35) thirty-five 4x6

Video packages

Heliconia Hawaiian Videography

The Heliconia package uses 1 camera for 1 hour and you receive 1 edited DVD for the cost of $495 USD.

Hibiscus Hawaiian Videography

The Hibiscus package uses 1 camera for 3 hours and you receive 2 edited DVDs for the cost of $1,275 USD.

Photo Touchup